The first action of cooperation in theme of research between the Scientific Committee of The Chocolate Way and the Route of the Emperor Charles V, produced a Congress, held on November 7th  2014 in Alicante with the theme “Changing of European habits with the introduction of colonial products since the time of Charles V. An example: Chocolate”.

The two Scientific Committees works together to find joint research in the following areas: food and influences in European customs in relation to food that crossed the Atlantic, diffusion in Europe of colonial ceramic products, promoting culinary tourism routes.


The event was the result of joint activities between The Chocolate Way and the Route of Charles V,  in particular  to  emphasize  the  processes  and  historical developments  that  have  seen  the participation of European countries, thus entering in the perspective of international cooperation between the itineraries, intercultural dialogue between partners in different countries and cultural training.

In fact, the audience was also composed of 60 students from the University “Miguel Hernandez” of Elche and feeding professional schools of Jijona and Alicante.

During the conference there was the presentation of the two itineraries, and then it was treated the theme of the influence of the colonial products in the habits and customs of Europe from the time  of  Charles  V.  Great  importance  and  space  had  the  chocolate  that,  among  all  products imported,  stood  out  right  away  for  the  many  characteristics  and  properties  so  beloved  by  the European courts.

The event was attended by several teachers representing the countries involved including: Quintin Correas Domingo, the Professor Claudia Moller, Filippo Pinelli, the Professor Istvan Szaszdi Leon-Borja and the Professor D. Angel Carbonell Barrachina.

During the conference, was presented a historical research on trade flows of raw delivers cocoa from Latin America and Europe. This research was then delivered by Filippo Pinelli in Guayaquil  to Juan  Francisco  Ballen  M.,  Deputy  Minister  of  Policy  and  Foreign  Trade  Services  of  Ecuador  who, appreciating  the  initiative,  will  work  together  with  the  Minister  of  tourism  of  Ecuador,  to  the realization  of  the  “Ruta  Cultural  del  Cacao”.  The  project  of  the  “Ruta  Cultural  del  Cacao”  is  a project  that  The  Chocolate  Way,  with  the  collaboration  of  Prof.  Jordi  Tresserras  (University  of Barcelona)  intends  to  promote  through  the  network  UNESCO  in  at  least  six  countries  of  Latin America.

The theme was discussed by The Chocolate Way at EXPO 2015 in Milan, in the theater area of the Cluster Cacao and Chocolate.

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