André Stengel, member of the Board of Director of The Chocolate Way, representing the Confédération Française du chocolat et confiserie and the Académie Française du Chocolat et de la Confiserie  develop the project “Route du cacao” in Vietnam.

The project was  born from an action of cooperation  between the Nong Lam Université, Vietcacao, and the Government of France.

Since 2003 Andrè Stengel followed the Vietnam cocoa program with the assistance of Professor Phuoc Nong Lam University of Agriculture and Forestry), secretary of the Cocoa Development Committee in Vietnam.

In 2008 in partnership with the Training Centre for the Disabled in Ben Tre (South Vietnam), and under the auspices of the Provincial People’s Committee,  was  installed a platform of fermentation and drying of cocoa.

This platform, under the responsibility of a teacher, has educational value of training with job prospects in a center structure through Work (CAT), effective since November 2010.

In 2009, the first fermented and dried beans were imported and presented to the Professional Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

In 2010, the recipe for chocolate milk 40% received three awards at the Guild of Fine Food, and was selected for the campaign of Action Against Hunger in UK.

The fermentation Help Center through work hired its first disabled employee full time in 2010 and the second in 2011.

VIETCACAO in 2011 launched a campaign to help farmers in Phu An, in the Dong Nai province, with 5,000 plants assigned to volunteer families in 2013.

The campaign in 2014 focused on 13.5 tonnes imported and converted into Chocolate by ERITHAJ company sold between the members of the Confédération Française du chocolat et confiserie.



The Ambassador of Vietnam has made available a space of animation, tasting and sale in the pavilion Vietnam of the Strasbourg European Fair 2013.

The theme was discussed by Andrè Stengel in the event agenda of The Chocolate Way during the EXPO 2015 in Milan, in the theater area of the Cluster Cacao and Chocolate.

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