Zagreb Coffee & Chocolate Festival

Agency Tvornica dogadaja (Event Factory) organized the 5th Chocolate and Coffe Festival. After two years in the beautiful HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists), they decided to go back for the 5th edition to where it al began – Ban Jelacic, to mark in this way this small anniversary.


In the past four years, over 500.000 visitors from Zagreb, Croatia and the entire region visited Zagreb Coffee & Chocofest. With over 100 exhibitors and more than 120 workshops, lectures and cooking sho program, ART program hosted several great artists: Karen Eland (USA), Saimir Strati (Albania) and Gorazd Potocnik (Slovenia), furthermore they held a several charity actions.

The aim of the festival is still the same: to present the best Croatian and international chocolates and coffees. Through various promotions, presentations, workshops and sale, numerous Crotian and foreign manufacturers and importers will present the latest trends in gastronomy and industry of coffee and chocolate, and the artists will in their own ways through various techniques present the magic of chocolate artism.

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