image3The C.H.I.E.L.I. project – co-founded by COSME Programme – aims at constructing a new European tourism product focusing on hi-end enterprises production that constitute the European itinerary on the high-end chocolate, in line with the suggestions provided by the European Commission in the communication “Europe, the world’s No 1 tourist destination “A new political framework for tourism in Europe” (COM 2010 – 352). Partners are Unioncamere (Coordinator, with the affiliate SiCamera), Association “The Chocolate Way”, I Viaggi dell’Elefante (tour operators), Municipality of Perugia, Municipality of Le Castellet (France), Musée Les secrets du chocolat (France), Panelite NV (Belgium), Tübingen Erleben GmbH (Germany), Ibertur – Network of Heritage, Tourism and Sustainable Development Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), TDC – Associacion de Fabricantes de turron, chocolate y Derivados de la Comunidad Valenciana (Spain), Ltd (United Kingdom) is focusing on hi-end productions of chocolate identified not necessarily with the price, but rather with the concepts of quality, broadly speaking (e.g. raw materials, the process of production, CSR, etc.), design and relationship with the local culture which influences the characteristics of the products.


The new tourism product is almost ready and its Business Plan will be completed before the end of March 2016. It is constructed on the base of the European Itinerary of Chocolate designed by partners during the first months of the project, respecting the criteria of high quality of product, of the cultural and tourism value of the offer, of the creativeness and the identity heritage related to the production of chocolate and of the sustainable development of tourism services. The design of the itinerary considers the fundamental relationships with producers of Cacao and is based on the values of the European Union (respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights). Communication activities started on 29 September during EXPO Milan 2015 at European food-tourism week of European Commission (EXPO conference centre). From March 2016 until the end of the project (July 2016), all communication activities will be more intensive and focused on the tourism product and on the Itinerary of Chocolate. Communication strategy is in synergy with “strengthening cooperation“ activities –  started on December 2015 in Tubingen (Germany) and Modica (Italy) – where local authorities, entrepreneurs, local stakeholders, are involved in open meetings to promote new adherents to the European Itinerary and to establish periodic worktables to design future activities.



The new tourism product will be commercialized by Tour Operators, especially Europeans, as a journey in Europe where people and tourists can enjoy an experience across places and organizations producing, selling and promoting chocolate. In this way it is expected as potential impact of giving the opportunity, by one hand, to the tour operators and the local tourism agencies to consolidate their business, by the other hand, to high-end chocolate SMEs to create a different way of marketing. As consequence it is expected at least the maintenance of the level employment in those organizations, but it could allow new opportunity of employment and new business with positive effect on social relationships and the way of make business at local level, but as part of a greater european network of organizations keen on chocolate of quality or which have activity based on chocolate of quality.


  • Information about project: (Unioncamere), tel. 0039 (0)6 4704274 – e.mail
  • Information about European Itinerary of Chocolate and how join in: (The Chocolate Way), tel. 0039 3492833630; 0039 3939986619 – e.mail
  • Information about Tourism Product for Tour Operator and Travel Agency: (Viaggi dell’Elefante), tel. 0039 (0) 6 6051 3000 – e-mail
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