Certified Enterprises

Logo The Chocolate WayThe Chocolate Way promotes and supports the craft, culture and history of chocolate in Europe and celebrates the European role in the development of modern chocolate as a much-loved consumer food.

The Logo “The Chocolate Way“ represents the European Itinerary of Chocolate and it identifies enterprises and organizations having quality chocolate as reference of their activity such as in production, culture, selling or promotion.

The members of the “The Chocolate Way” Association will automatically become owners of the Logo and join our growing network of companies and organisations across Europe.

All following enterprises are Members of CRIGPJTA (Consejo Regulador I.G.P. Jijona Y Turron Alicante) and/ Asociación de Fabricantes de Turrón, Derivados y Chocolate de la Comunidad Valenciana our certified Partners.

Almendra y Miel S.A.

Chocolates Clavileño

Chocolates Valor S.A.

Coloma García Artesanos

El abuelo

Enrique Garrigós Monerris S.A.

Mira y Llorens

Lopetes Artesanos

Pablo Garrigós Ibáñes S.L.

Pastelería Escoda

 Primitivo Rovira e Hijos S.L.

Sanchis Mira S.A.

Turrones y Artesanos Pepe y Mercedes

Turrones Manel Pico

Turrones onza de Oro

Turrones Merche

Turrones Jose Garrigós

Turrones el Romero

Turrones Picó

Turrones 25

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