The Logo categories are: 

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ARTISAN  –  Small enterprises producing high quality chocolate or products made with chocolate for direct retail sale to clients or through retail distribution channels.

vetrofania_historicHISTORIC – Enterprises or members of consortiums or associations operating in a location with particular historical importance in the development and heritage of the production and culture of chocolate in Europe.

vetrofania_TraditionTRADITION  – Enterprises or members of consortiums or associations continuing a historical tradition of craft chocolate production, either individually or in recognized historical districts, including special, distinctive or typical artisanal production.

Culture_and_educationCULTURE &EDUCATION- Chocolate and other museums, public entities, research centers, educational institutes, educational enterprises and associations promoting and researching the history and culture of chocolate.

vetrofania_HospitalityHOSPITALITY  – Hotels, restaurants and other enterprises operating in the fields of hospitality, food services and the rovision of food and beverages who offer chocolate themed experiences, menus or recognized craft chocolate products within their menus or services.

vetrofania_TourismTOURISM – Tour operators, itineraries, walking routes and guided tours offering chocolate related tours and experiences introducing consumers to craft, tradition and historical locations. 

vetrofania_RetailCRAFT SUPPLIER –  Retailers of high quality chocolate products that meet the criteria for ‘Craft’, but who are not directly producing chocolate or chocolate based products.


Use of the Logo is granted for members of The Chocolate Way or members of consortiums or associations who are members of The Chocolate Way (‘Members’) who fulfill the following criteria for each category.
Applicants who are not already members of the Association of The Chocolate Way will automatically become members once use of the Logo is granted.
With regard to the “HISTORIC” and “TRADITION” categories, where a consortium or associations of companies represents the typical production of a territory, the consortium or association must present the application for each enterprise they represent and for which they want to request the Logo (the annual membership fee includes this service).
Enterprises and organisations not part of a consortium or association and for all other categories, must apply for use of the Logo by submitting their own application.
Successful applicants will retain the right to use the Logo for three years from the date of acceptance of their application. After this period, the member must re-confirm their application to ensure the criteria continue to be fulfilled.
The Board of Directors of the Association of The Chocolate Way will appoint a supervisor on the basis of his / her experience to oversee the process of applications for use of the Logo, and will appoint a committee who will check the material of the applications and who will decide on the acceptance of the application.
A checklist is provided for each category with a number of obligatory and optional criteria.
Meeting the criteria is self-certified by the applicant, who must complete the checklist and return it to the Secretariat of The Chocolate Way, certified by an authorised representative of the member’s company.

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